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I’m Breaking up With Facebook and Instagram (and How You Can Too)

I don’t know about you, but I wish that 5 hour vacation yesterday from Facebook and Instagram lasted forever. Maybe you feel different and that’s fine, but if you’re reading a post about my breakup with social media I assume there’s some part of you that feels liberated at the idea.
Note: in this post, I’m focusing on just Facebook and Instagram. Personally, I don’t really use Twitter (I have like 4 followers on it I think?) and I find Pinterest to be inspiring and have no qualms with it. I don’t have a snapchat and never have, I hate the TikTok algorithm and addictiveness so have been off that for awhile (and only ever was on it for like 4 months when it first came out.) So my real issues, and therefore the focus of this post are Facebook and Instagram. And while I of course admit there are positive effects of these two platforms, for me the cons far outweigh the pros. Keep reading and see what you think.

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